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With CB-Tech you get specialists with many years of experience in the areas of IT security, IT development, IT operations. We have profound knowledge with OS concepts, networks and security, WebServer, CI/CD, IT infrastructure and monitoring. For this reason, it is clear to us how important security is in these days. We are convinced that our solutions, innovative and cost-effective, will become one of the largest segments in the industry. Read on and learn all about the intelligent technology behind our successful IT company. Today a lot is possible and the encryption of your DNS requests in the internet is essential. We have firewalls from all price segments, intrusion detection, server hardening and encrypted DNS and DNS filters. you want to do a detailed network scan or do it automatically once per hour. we also compare your computers with the CVE database and give you a detailed report about it. you want to collect statistics from all your devices or log files automatically. you want a smart toilet, or the cat door that lets your cat out only at certain times, but lets it in again and again. And preferably only your own cat. starting with flood sensors, window sensors, light switches and all socket variants, we equip and configure almost everything on the market. you want a Smart Mirror in the bathroom or a Smart Table in the garden. your blinds should automatically close when the temperature is too high but open again in the morning. Contact us today.

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